Rick Guy, Guitarist and Singer  “My name is Rick. I am mature aged and came into music very late in life.  I am writing this as a reference in progress. I have been studying singing with Lynne for three months now. I had one previous attempt at learning to sing with another teacher, that did not end well.  I was basically told not to quit my day job.  It is with that mindset that I initially and reluctantly contacted Lynne. Doubtful as I was about whether I should even try to sing again, I was determined to give it one more try.  I was quite confused initially as Lynne has developed her own unique approach to singing and devised her own practice regime based upon a lifetime of singing and being involved in the music scene and song writing.  The practice regime consists of short daily exercises which initially did not seem anywhere near enough, based on the previous experiences I have had and other singers have told me that they do.  With this scepticism in hand I dutifully carried out these exercises and had a lesson with Lynne once a week, where we went over previous weeks work and discussed and practised new techniques.  Still doubtful, the weeks rolled on and after about six weeks or so, it became clear that the exercises were indeed paying off. My ability to pitch notes correctly vastly improved as did my confidence.  I am excited that as time passes and I continue working with Lynne I will see big gains and maybe prove my previous teacher wrong after all.  I should warn you to be prepared. Lynne is a whirlwind. Zany, bubbly, full of life and with a passion for music you rarely seem to see. Suspend all thoughts of what you think a good teacher should be and stick with Lynne. I suspect that if you do, you might end up being surprised at what you truly can be capable of.”  12 June 2017

Zoe Martin, Singer Songwriter  “It always feels a bit strange to hand over money to Lynne at the end of a lesson. A bit awkward, even, like paying a friend to get coffee with you. That’s because Lynne cares so genuinely about her students, their music, and music itself, that you forget she’s working, convinced she’s there solely because she really cares. And I think, partly, she is. For the five years since I became her student, Lynne has been the most supportive teacher and mentor I could ever hope for, constantly going above and beyond to devote time, effort, and genuine care for her students. From the outset, Lynne constantly reminded me of her philosophy of categorical honesty, making her eventual praises of my skills and creations a compliment above all others. Following the slightly awkward exchange of money, my lessons with Lynne often end with a hug, a gesture of authentic affection from me that feels far more appropriate following a fast hour in which Lynne emits absolute focus and passion to ensure that she always respects the power of music and the abilities of her students.”  February 2016

“My range increased significantly. Taught the basics I needed to learn. Pushed to get out of my comfort zone by performing.” June 2006

“I have had many singing teachers before but in the short time I have been learning from Lynne, I have learned so much! She is extremely encouraging and I have found the technical skills that I have learnt from her to be extremely beneficial. I believe that with continued training with Lynne I will be able to achieve my singing goals. I hope to continue learning from Lynne on an ongoing basis.” April 2006

“I thoroughly enjoyed my eight weeks with Lynne. Lynne’s years of experience comes out through her teaching and it is invaluable. Highly recommended.” April 2006

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that it had the right balance of structure and room for spontaneity. Lynne, you are a born teacher in that you explain concepts with ease, are quite patient and can quickly tap into strengths and weaknesses of each student.” December 2005

“I initially did this course so that I could be able to sing along with friends without being embarrassed. The end product is not only that, but also an increase in overall confidence and self-belief. I thank Lynne so much for this.” September 2005
“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I did not know what it would entail, and was really thrown when told we had to perform a solo. I didn’t think that I could do it, and I am pleased with myself that I got up to do it. I am glad I did the course.” September 2005
“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to fix all those things with my singing, even stuff I have never though of. It’s a great way to get to know people too. “ September 2005
“I’ve had heaps of fun during the course and learned lots about singing and about myself. I recommend the course.”December 2005

“I really enjoyed the course despite not being able to attend all the evenings. And most importantly, I learnt a lot.”December 2005