Lynne absolutely LOVES teaching Seniors because she knows the wonderful benefits they achieve from learning an instrument, and becoming fluent in the language that is Music. Music is the only true universal language and it is Lynne’s believe that Music IS Magical!

Lynne is patient, experienced, respectful, fun and professional. She teaches Piano, Guitar and Singing. (Yes, our voice is definitely an instrument.)

Your music lesson with Lynne will soon become a very enjoyable highlight in your week.

Much has been written about the benefits of learning an instrument, especially for mature aged people. Here are just a couple of examples:

“Jennifer Bugos, an assistant professor of music education at the University of South Florida, Tampa, studied the impact of individual piano instruction on adults between the ages of 60 and 85. After six months, those who had received piano lessons showed more robust gains in memory, verbal fluency, the speed at which they processed information, planning ability, and other cognitive functions, compared with those who had not received lessons.


“Memory Enhancement: Musical study can play an important role in helping seniors keep a sharp mind. Research links playing an instrument to the stimulation of areas of the brain involved with memory, which may have implications in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Physical Benefits: Physical health and playing an instrument also seem to go hand in hand. Research by Dr. Frank Wilson of the University Of California School Of Medicine in San Francisco found that learning to play a musical instrument, besides bettering concentration and memory, also enhanced physical abilities such as coordination and even the improvement of eyesight and hearing.

Mental Health Benefits: Learning to play music can help seniors beat the blues, too. The Music Making and Wellness Project also discovered that the seniors who learned to play the keyboard reported decreased depression, lessened anxiety and lowered loneliness levels.

Other Advantages of Musical Studies by Seniors: Learning music can help with memory retention, and adds to your physical and emotional well-being, but learning an instrument in your senior years has other pluses as well. These include allowing you to express yourself spiritually and creatively, and even introducing you to new friendships as you pursue your love of music. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, you can enrich the lives of your grandchildren and others around you through the gift of music.”


If you are in a resident in a Retirement Village or Nursing Home, please contact Lynne to discuss your Village or Home’s particular needs. Lynne does her pricing on a case by case basis and can provide group lessons (eg Music Notation, Composition, History of Jazz etc.), lead your choir or provide individual lessons for voice, piano and or guitar.


If you are aged 60 years or over, discounted lessons are available:

Lessons for Seniors at Lynne’s home studio in Meadowbank

$35 for 1 x Half Hour Lesson

$60 for 1 x Hour Lesson

$60 for 2 x Half Hour Lessons, one after the other (ideal if you have more than person wishing to learn Music, great for friends or couples)

Lessons for Seniors at your own home

$50 for 1 x Half Hour Lesson

$70 for 1 x Hour Lesson

$70 for 2 x Half Hour Lessons, one after the other (ideal if you have more than person wishing to learn Music, great for friends or couples)

Lessons for Seniors via Skype

$25 for 1 x Half Hour Lesson

$50 for 1 x Hour Lesson

Payment can be made via direct deposit, cash or cheque.  Credit card payment is not available.